Own the stage! This women-specific online program provides custom workouts, personalized nutrition, professional posing guidance, and peak week strategies to transform you into a Bikini Champion. Transform your physique and take your competition dreams to the next level! #BikiniCompetitor, #FitnessMotivation, #StageReady πŸŸ₯ Competitors must able to wear high heels. πŸŸ₯ Competitors are strongly recommended wear jewelry. Bikini athletes should display- βœ… A foundation of muscle which gives shape to the female body βœ… Full round glutes with a slight separation between the hamstring and glute area βœ… Small amount of roundness in the delts βœ… Conditioned Core βœ… Overall look- hair, makeup, suit, and tan Bikini athletes should NOT display – ❌ Muscular density seen in a figure physique ❌ Squared glutes ❌ Muscle separation seen in figure competitors ❌ Graininess ❌Striations anywhere

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