Yes.  Our abdominal or core workouts is called Killer Core.  There's a version for the women and there is one for me.  These workouts are made for the gym as a gym has more equipment so that workout doesn't get boring and also will help remove fitness plateaus.
Yes.  The HE-READY Gym Workout Program, SHE-READY & HOMEWERK home workout programs have 3-5 days in them.  You can start of 3-days a week and when you are ready to add more todays, your workout is just waiting for you to  do it.
Our workouts are and never will be artificial intelligence.  Our workout programs are built by real human personal trainers.  We need real people to handle real people programs, questions and solutions. We like our members to have that human factor ready for them.
That depends on many factors such as what is your exact fitness goal.  What exactly are you wanting?  How far away are you from your fitness goal?  What is your meal plan like, how many days a week do you workout and what's the intensity level.  These are questions that people are not answering and one of the main reasons why many people don't reach their fitness goals.
Yes we have meal plan options.  As for getting the meals you need for what you want, we have partnered with Tye's Kitchen to help us.  Tye's Kitchen provides healthy but delicious meal plans customized for your weight and/or health goals.
Yes, we are on both platforms.  We use Trainerize as the software, but we build all the workouts for what you want.
Absolutely.  That workout program is called Tracker X.  Tracker X allows you to build your own workouts and track them.  If you want help, Tracker XT allows you access to talk to your personal trainer for help and anything you need.
That's up to you and your schedule.  People who are typically very serious about their fitness will workout 6-days a week.  People maybe just starting and don't want to go too hard may start off 3-day week and work their way up.
Typically for the person who is serious about their fitgoals will workout upwards of 2 hours a day.

On the opposite side there are many people who only workout 30 minutes a day. Most of workout programs are 1-hour and our more intense workouts go for as long as 2 hours.
We recommend a mix of cardio and strength training. Alternating between the two is a good way to find balance. Why both and not just one? Because you want to reap the benefits of each!

According to the American Cancer Society, two to three strength-based workouts each week can result in significant health benefits, such as increased muscle mass, stronger bones, boosted metabolism, better posture, balance and joint flexibility. Research shows it also can boost heart health and have a positive impact on your mental health.

Regularly increasing your heart rate and blood flow by adding cardio into your routine can also promote heart, brain, skin and lung health, as well as improve your sleep and energy levels.

Yes we want health to increase to reduce or remove risk for diseases, our clients join us as our clients care about how they look first, then care about any health issues as their second option.

This question is why BodyXhibit exist and is growing like crazy in Fayetteville.  Most people have not truly identified a fitness goal and therefore their workouts are all different.  Many people do not know that strength and aesthetic workouts are totally different.  Secondly because their fitness goals hasn't been set, their nutrition plan also hasn't been set and perhaps they are eating 'healthy", but then again maybe not.
While there are so many benefits to regular exercise, it’s just one part of the picture when it comes to your health.

As you get used to your new fitness routine, try to be more active in your daily life by taking the stairs or adding in more walking, such as during meetings, on your lunch break, with your kids, or on your commute.

Now that you’re training regularly, you may find you get hungry more often. Fill your fridge and pantry with nutrient-rich foods and plenty of fruit and vegetables - it’s easier to make a healthy choice when there’s one ready to go.